8 Times America’s Next top Model Was The Best Show On TV

Tyra Banks tweeted a few days ago that “America’s Next Top Model” will not be coming back for another season and has effectively been canceled by its network.

We’d like to say goodbye to the show that was as bizarre as it was fashionable and as funny as it was intriguing.

Here are a few highlights from its many years.

1.That Time Tyra Snapped At Tiffany

Watch Tyra lose it, we just wish the cat fight had not been avoided...

2.When Contestants Fainted

3.And Tyra did It Better

4.When Models Forgot Rule #1

5.When Tyra Made Something Clear

Tyra Doesn't have a very high appreciation of snitches!

6.When Louise Walked Out

In The most epic way possible.

7.If It's Not Bolted Down, It's Mine!

We guess some of these girls had a condition...

8.That All Star Season Sure Was Something, Wasn't It?

It had to be if it resulted in this, whatever this is...

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