8 Songs That Aren’t Really What You Think They’re About

There’s nothing like hearing a song for the first time, trying to figure out the lyrics, finding out you’re wrong, and than learning the real lyrics mean something entirely different than you originally believed.

These songs sound like one thing upon first listening, but if you listen carefully to the lyrics, and do a little digging about their various backgrounds, you just may find some shocking results.

1.Kiss - Detroit Rock City

An upbeat rock anthem if there ever was one, right? Wrong! The song actually tells the story of a teenager on his way to a Kiss Concert, he ends up being in a car crash and dying. Gene Simmons has said that song is also meant to remind people to live life to its fullest.  

2.Semisonic - Closing Time

If you've heard this at a pub once, you've heard it a thousand times. But this 90's hit isn't really meant to have late staggering drunks to get out of their watering hole, not even close. The song was actually written by singer Dan Wilson as an ode to his impending fatherhood and his concern about the band's existence after it.

3.The Rolling Stones - Angie

This is a tough one, probably due to its cult status, and also because none of the involved will ever confirm or deny the rumors around this all time stones classic. Upon initially hearing it, it may sound like a classic love song. But persistent rumors exist that the song is more of an apology to David Bowie's ex - Angela, After she found Bowie and Stones lead singer Mick Jagger together in bed.

4.Peter, Paul And Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon

Here's something new - regardless how  much you may want to believe that every song that originated in the 60's was about drugs in one way or another, this one really isn't about those things. Far from it - it's really much more literal and tells the story of children losing their innocence and letting go of that childlike sense of wonder.

5.Beck - Loser

A 90's classic, and one of the most memorable "hippie" anthems of all time, this song was actually created on a dare. Some think the lyrics refer to an alcohol or drug addiction, but in reality it was the result of a wager between Beck and a producer that did not believe Beck's ability to write a song that would be complete nonsense and still become a hit. We think that producer is still eating the remains of his hat...

6.The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays

Yes, we know - you don't like Mondays too. Join the club, no one does. Mondays are the absolute WORST. But having said that, this song isn't really about just another weekend being over, not entirely anyway. It's really based on a 1979 mass murder in a San Diego elementary school. After being arrested, the teenage suspect - Brenda Ann Spencer, stated her simple, yet shocking reasoning - "I don't like Mondays, this livens up the day". Here's hoping she spends many more Mondays in jail, giving her a real reason to dislike them.

7.Lady Gaga - Poker Face

One of the biggest pop anthems of the past decade is a really depressing take about a woman (presumably gaga herself, though she hasn't confirmed or denied the fact) being in a committed relationship with a guy while fantasizing about another woman. “No he can’t read my poker face
(she’s got me like nobody).” See it now?

8.The Eagles - Hotel California

Upon first hearing this 70's rock ballad favorite, you may think its about something out of a scary Steven King novel, about a tired and wary traveler being caught in a place from which he can not escape. But in interviews conducted in the decades since its release, singer Don Henley has stated that the song has a lot more to do with the dark underbelly of the American dream, and more specifically the music business. Not such a romantic song any more, is it?
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