8 European Highways You Won’t Want To Miss

We’ve grown used to not even paying attention to the highways we drive on.

We use them to get from point A to point B and don’t give those long concrete/gravel slabs a second thought.

But some highways are different, some have views that can take your breath away, and a great many of those can be found across Europe.

1.Stelvio Pass - Italy

With its narrow roads and no less than 48 hairpin turns this highway can be found at a staggering height of 2,700 meters (about 8,000 feet) making it feel like more of a roller coaster and less of a highway. Definitely not one for the faint of heart.

2.Transfagrasan - Romenia

Constantly voted as one of the best scenic routes in the world, including a vote from the boys over at "top gear" this road is a sight to be seen for sure.

3.The Millau Viaduct

This one isn't technically a highway, and it is rather short, but the view are so breathtaking you simply must see them. It is the tallest bridge in the world at over 343 meters (over 1,100 feet), with the deck being suspended a whopping 270 meters above ground level. It is a toll road, but we think its worth the price of admission.

4.Ring Of Kerry - Ireland

A 180 km circular road designed specifically with tourists in mind, this route takes travelers through the beautiful Island and many of its famous way points, if you really want an adventure, there's also an accompanying walking path.

5.Trollstigen - Norway

This serpentine road offers nearly a dozen hairpin turns at a steep incline of 10%. The road is so narrow that vehicles of over 41 feet in width are forbidden from going on it. At the 700 meter plateau there's a car park the offers a look out on the views, just make sure you listen to the locals and avoid the trolls that are native to the region.

6.Klausen Pass - Switzerland

At over 6,000 feet elevation, this beautiful stretch of road can only be traversed between the months of June and September, so its naturally packed, but worth going out of your way to see.

7.The Atlantic Ocean Road - Norway

A stunning road to travel, this 5 mile drive connects an Archipelago to a few small villages in a scenic part of Norway, the road took 6 years to complete, but anyone traveling it vows that it was worth the wait.

8.The Oberlap Pass - Switzerland

If you've ever imagined how Switzerland might look, you can stop. Because your imagination was thinking of Oberlap pass. This road is only open in the summer months because during the winter it doubles as a ski resort, yes, a ski resort.
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