7 Reasons Why Being A Kid Is The Best Thing Ever!

As Teenagers and grownups we tend to forget we were once kids too, and we often look down on kids with laughable contempt, thinking their lives are pointless and limited.

But There are massive advantages to being a child, and here are a few you may have forgotten about!

1.No Responsibility!

As teenagers - schoolwork and projects are critical to your future. As adults - we've got work and family to take care of and multiple other issues that can pop up at any given time. Kids? they don't have to worry about anything - the food and clothing are provided to them, so is a bed (free of charge), they even get paid for doing little to no work. that's the good life, isn't it?

2.Whining actually helps!

As an adult, if you starting whining about not getting your way you will be ridiculed. But as a kid? whining is the be-all end-all of go-to moves. You may claim that caving into a child's whims is bad parenting, but when your kid throws a tantrum at the supermarket let us know if you'd rather be judged for spanking them, or will you just buy the chocolate bar they wanted to make it all stop.

3.The Food Tends To Be Whatever You Want It To Be!

With the possible exception of the odd vegetable you're not crazy about, being a kid is a sure fire way of getting whatever you like to eat during most meals. Can't get enough Mac & Cheese? you'll likely have it at least twice a week. Love mom's pot roast? she'll probably make for you if you just asked for it. It's like living in a buffet that you never pay for and only has the greatest hits!

4.Your Tasks Are Awefully Easy!

Some parents tend to teach their children to be responsible and hard working by giving them some tasks or chores to perform around the house, and that's probably a good thing. But those tasks are hardly challenging, even to a 6, 7 or 8 year old child - picking up dirty laundry, putting toys back in place and - once in a blue moon - taking out the trash. Don't we all wish our day was that "hard"?

5.You Get To Play - A Lot!

Grownups go to work, and when they get back home, they have even more stuff to do. Kids? not so much... Once you're done with school and schoolwork, you will - for the most part, be free and clear to do whatever you want - a video game, a trip to the playground or a meeting with friends are all activities you can fill your day with.

6.Friendship Are Easy!

As we grow up we tend to splinter into our own social groups, and it is quite rare for us to find friends outside work or other groups. As kids, friendships are much easier to come by and more easily maintained. "You like spider-man? Cool, me too! let's be friends!" - would not be an uncommon formation of something that can carry you through high school and even beyond.

7.The Future Is Full Of Promise

When you get older you start worrying about things, that's just the reality of the way things are - work, money, family are time fillers and you might no longer have the same life you previously imagined. But kids get to dream about their future and the many ways they want to try to fulfill each and every dream they have, regardless of how senseless it may seem - their future is still their own to make.
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