7 Of The Weirdest Fines Ever Issued By The N.F.L

It’s kind of a long running gag, but it appears to be ever more true in recent years – the N.F.L does really stand for the No.Fun.League.

In the name of some absurd rules, uniform conformity and lord knows what else, here are some of the weirdest fines ever issued by the league.

1.Throwing A Football Into The Stands - $5,787

2.Not Having Your Helmet Properly Strapped On - $8,681

3.Entering A Fight - $2,893

4.Abuse Of An Official - $23,152

5.Wristbands Of Wrong Color - $5,787

6.Using Profanity - $11,576

7.Wearing Eye-Black Honoring Your Father - $28,939 (Repeat Offenses)

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