7 Images That Capture The Essence Of Human Eccentricity

Human imagination is bottomless, fathomless, boundless, and endless. It is so rich that sometimes we ourselves feel staggered by its force. Some products of our imagination are so fanciful that we ourselves cannot imagine how we could think them up. Seeing what our mind conjured we stand in front of the products of our imagination in amazement, disorientation, and amusement. The pictures below will arouse in you these feelings. They will also provoke in you hearty laughter.

1.Errr... Urinal? Sink? Both?

2.Kick Bycicle

3.No Lazy People Around

4.Stairways To ... Where?

5.Strictly Adhering To Playground Safety Regulations

6.In The Privacy Of Your Bathroom

7.The Nissan FUBAR

8.Easy-Access Parking For The Disabled

9.The Wall-Bench... or Bench-Wall

10.The Egg-Bench?

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