7 Great Games For Learning Stock Market Strategy

If you don’t have much of a track record trading the stock markets and would like a taste of the real world experience prior to investing personal capital, then stock market games will help to quickly get your foot in the door. Some of the top websites include Wall Street Survivor, Investopedia Stock Simulator and Questrade amongst many others.

1.Wall Street Survivor

Get started with Wall Street Survivor's Investing 101 section for a primer on stock market dos and don'ts. You can invest up to $100,000 in virtual money and have the assistance of a digital cartoon helper.


With MarketWatch, you can trade in real-time using virtual currencies. What's more, you can elect to trade on your own or join online competitions. 


Young Money provides a very accurate real world trading experience. It computes virtual commissons that are taken on each trade and limits market trading hours.

4.How The Market Works

How The Market Works is also owned by Wall Street Survivor. In addition to stocks and indexes, traders can also experiment with Forex portfolios, penny stocks, mutual funds and short selling.

5.Investopedia Stock Simulator

Investopedia is one of the largest financial education websites around. Its Stock Simulator provides users with the opportunity to connect with other traders around the world and to see how they trade.


With Questrade, you can trade stocks, options, FX contracts and CFDs with a $50,000 or $500,000 play money account.  


According to ChartGame,“the computer will present you with a random historical stock chart of an actual large cap (S&P 500) security, without telling you which company and time period the chart represents.” Following this, you can select new days of price action and choose whether to buy or sell.

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