7 Android-Only Apps For Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

One of the top features of Android apps is that they provide a lot more flexibility than iPhone applications ever will. For instance, you can text people from your computer using your mobile number, or chat while still having other apps open. Read on below for the full roundup of Android-exclusive apps. 

1.Google Sky Map

  Sky Map is a cool app developed by Google that lets you point your phone up to the sky to find out which constellation you're looking at. Star-gazing never looked so good.

2.Mighty Text

Using your Android number, Mighty Text allows users to send SMS texts using their personal computer.

3.Hover Chat

If you receive a text message while watching a move, no worries. Hover Chat enables you to control the transparency of your open apps, so you can effectively multitask.


This app lets you use your phone as a hotspot without having to pay the extra fee from carriers for a tethering plan.


Cerberus is one of the best antitheft apps out there and helps users to track the location of their phone and wipe data remotely.


This app enables you to unlock your phone using face and voice recognition.


AirDroid allows you to share files from your computer to your smartphone through a streamlined interface.

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