4 Aging Musicians That Should Quit And 4 We Never Want To See Retire!

Most of us can remember the 1st time we listened to our favorite musician.

Their music becomes part of our lives, but sometimes, because of their status, we forget that as we age – they do too!

In some cases, Aging does artists well while in other – they seem to lose the touch.

Here are a few musicians that we think should retire and a few we hope keep creating music forever!

1.Go Away - Aerosmith/Steven Tyler

Aerosmith are widely regarded as one of the fathers of modern American rock, but it is becoming increasingly clearer, as time passes, that they aren't in the music business for innovative reasons so much as they are for financial ones. We think they should retire to better places and leave the rock game for younger and more able bands.

2.Please Stay - Bruce Springsteen

Unlike Aerosmith, Bruce is still alive & kicking at age 66. He's touring throughout the globe and is still releasing fair-to-great albums every other year.

With performances exceeding 3 hours and popularity that doesn't seem to be declining, It is our hope we never have to experience a musical existence without an active "Boss" in it.

3.Go Away - Van Halen/David Lee Roth

Van Halen was regarded as the bearer of "hairband rock", with music that was innovative mostly thanks to the brilliant guitar licks of Eddie Van Halen.

But Cracks began to appear with the initial departure of Roth, and replacements failed to bring the band back to glory. The band and Roth came to terms a couple of years ago, but with their target audience aging and Roth no longer able to do the splits, they should probably pack it in.

4.Please Stay - Bob Dylan

Shockingly enough, the last time ol' Robert Zimmerman had a top 40 hit, the year was 1979! That being said, he still tours at the tender age of 74, and his latest album was released just a few short months ago. Despite being seen as an aging folk singer, his lyrics are often current and relevant, and his earlier work manages to bring in new fans consistently.

5.Go Away - Motley Crue

They are  not the oldest rockers on this list, but are candidates for least self aware.

Motley Crue was one of the biggest metal bands in the 80's, but fell victim to every single cliché.

The majority of fans today probably remember Vince Neil as the rocker that nearly died in a car wreck and Tommy Lee as the guy that had a sex tape with Pamela Anderson.

They might have rocked hard, but that is no longer happening.

6.Please Stay - The Rolling Stones

It's been over 50 years since the stones released their very first album.

It's also been nearly 30 years since they were enshrined in the rock n' roll hall of fame.

And yet, like a  rock phenomenon - they are still around.

Granted, they are relying mostly on classic hits , but when you go to a concert and see 3 generations of the same family enjoying the show, the appeal of these aging rockers becomes instantly clear.

7.Go Away - Ted Nugent

How do you know a rocker - or any performer for that matter - should retire? When they're in the news for their views and opinions a lot more than they are for their music. Nugent released his latest album in 2014, but has been making headlines and controversies due to his political views and activism and less for being a rocker, personally, we think that's the cue to "exit stage left" on the music side.

8.Please Stay - Joan Jett

Jett might isn't a household name like others on the list, but to music lovers will always be known as the godmother of punk and the queen of rock n' roll.

A long time hero for many rock bands (Like The Foo Fighters) Jett was inducted into the rock n' roll hall of fame in 2015, and continues to be active on the musical scene, promoting many young female musicians - we think she's worthy of fame for that alone!

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