10 Lifestyle Tips That Only A Dog Can Teach You

Not everyone is a dog person, and that’s fine – some people just can’t get over the hair, the walking and the munching on old shoes or socks.

But if you look past all that you’ll see a lifelong companion that has the ability to give endless amounts of love and cheer you up at the worst of times.

Here are a few things you could learn from dogs about living your life.

1.Live The Moment

Dogs may remember where their food is or which street leads home, and they know people they've met in the past, but all of that information is only useful to them at any given time - they only search for food when they're hungry or chase a ball when its thrown. Dogs live each moment as if its the only one that matters, and so should you!

2.Overcome Fear With Love

There are countless stories of dogs that were aggressive or timid but changed with some TLC, if dogs are capable of overcoming fears and limitations, we should be able to do the same.

3.Don't Hold Grudges

Mankind is the only species on the planet that has been known to hold a grudge. A dog won't resent you for not giving it a snack and remember it for days, so why would you be mad at a co-worker for eating your yogurt? Letting go of grudges would ease mental loads and help your overall feeling of wellness.

4.Play Every Day

Dogs are playful animals, some are fine with a ball being thrown at them repeatedly indoors, some can go outside and run for hours, this can serve as a great reminder for any owner - get out and move! if there was ever a great way to get in shape its spending time working out with your dog.

5.Jump For Joy

If you've ever seen your dog after you come home from work, or when it knows its going outside you'll know what pure joy is. Us humans tend to be much more reserved in our expressions of joy, and without much reason. We can learn a lot from our dogs about expressing our happiness.

6.Accept Yourself As You Are

A Boxer has never wished he could become a poodle, and a Labrador has never been envious of the way a Husky looks. We spend too much time worrying ourselves with things like the best look or the perfect body when we can simply let go of those things and accept ourselves for being unique instead of seeing it as a flaw.

7.Enjoy The Ride

Look at your dog the next time you take it for a ride in your car. They smell the air, enjoy the breeze and generally enjoy the moment itself. They don't care what the destination is, all they care about is that they're having fun while its happening. The next time something doesn't work out the way you wanted remember that.

8.Drink And Just What You Need, Not What You Want

You'll never see a dog gorging itself to the point of not being able to walk any more. And a dog with access to water will always drink when it's thirsty, so why is it so hard for us to remember to do both of those things?

9.Be Reliable And Trustworthy

Dogs are natural pack animals, they play with their pack, they sleep with their pack and they protect their pack. And while humans are the rest of the dog's pack, this also works for human to human interactions - be loyal, kind and loving to your friends and family and more often than not - you'll get that in return.

10.Love Unconditionally

No matter what kind of day they've had, your dog will always greet you hello excitedly with a wag of the tail and a big sloppy kiss, even if you just shouted at them for eating a slipper or were late with their dinner - they would still go back to wagging their tail in no time. If only humans could forgive and forget so easily the world would become a better place almost instantly.

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