10 Things Only Americans Don’t Find Odd About America

Land of the free, home of the brave – or so goes the anthem.

We love the U.S of A, and we greatly appreciate all of its various contributions to our world and lives, but there are some things that Americans see as normal that the rest of the world does not.

We’re not judging America, we’re only saying this because we love you.



1.Portion Sizes

Seriously, why does every meal have to feel like your last? We love food as much as the next office but U.S portion sizes feel like they're meant for a family of 4, not an average person.

2.Cheese Spray

No. Gasses are not an acceptable form of delivery for cheese, it should come sliced or as a block. That's it.

3.Football being played with hands

And you dare change the name of the sport the entire world knows and loves to "soccer" to avoid confusion? How dare you!

4.Free Soda!

Fast food joints, restaurants and even some movie theaters all offer free refills on your soda... practically unheard of anywhere else on earth.

5.Price Tags

Ok, we get that $1.99 is much nicer sounding than $2.37 but really, why do we have to do calculus every time we go to the supermarket?

6.America Is Not The Only Place Where Technology Exists

contrary to popular American beliefs - you do not fall off the edge of a cliff when you leave U.S borders. Other countries have Wi-Fi, Starbucks and help make things that will blow you away. Not everything starts at Silicone Valley.

7.You Know Very Little About The Rest Of The World

Seriously, your education system has failed you in a shocking way, just watch talk shows do trivia quizzes on the street and you'll be shocked.

8.Your Volume Is Too Damn Loud!

We get that most of you probably think that if you're louder you are more correct, but its simply not true.

9.College Players Aren't Celebrities!

They're just students with an extracurricular activity.

10.Drugs Everywhere!

One should not be able to walk into a doctor's office and inquire about prescription medication being good for them. Your doctor should tell you what you should take and that's it. That's why they studied 987689 years for!
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