10 Sexy Celebs And Their Pets

Do you remember the day you got your new friend for life A.K.A – your new pet?

It’s probably etched in your memory, as well as theirs, well, celebrities can also enjoy such wonderful benefits, and a lot of them do, after all, there’s nothing like a soothing purr or a lick across the face after you’ve just had a 16 hour day on the set of your new film to remind you of the really important things in life.

1.Blake Lively And Her Dog – Penny

2.Amanda Seyfried With Her Dog – Finn

3.Olivia Wilde And Her Dog – Paco

4.Gigi Hadid And Her Kitten – Cleo

5.Selena Gomez And Her Dog – Baylor

6.Charlize Theron And Her Dog – Tucker

7.Taylor Swift And Her Cat – Olivia Benson

8.Ryan Reynolds And His Dog – Baxter

9. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting With Her Dogs – Shirley, Norman & Ruby

10.Katy Perry And Her Bunny – Abracadabra

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