10 Predictions For The NBA Season

Basketball fans have waited nearly 5 months to hear these words: The new NBA season is upon us!

Here are our predictions for things that may (or may not) happen during this year.

Check back in June to see just how wrong we were!

1.The Spurs Will Make The Playoffs - Barely

Here us out - Lamarcus Aldridge may be a worthy substitute for Tim Duncan, and can even work with him in a big lineup, and Kawhi Leonard has great D, but the spurs are OLD, and even with the Addition of Aldridge they haven't gotten any younger, in fact, other than Leonard - every other projected starter is over 33.

2.The Knicks Will Be Better Than The Nets

As awful as the knicks have been in recent years it looks like they've reached bottom, and with mello looking better in preseason than he has in years they could easily win the battle with the now stagnant Nets. Those Nets appear to have outgrown the favor of their owner Mikhail Prokhorov and are headed for the cellar in a hurry.

3.Coaches Will Pay Hefty Prices - Soon

Quite a few teams made real progress last year, but with success comes a taste for even greater success and if/when that does not arrive coaches are the ones that pay the swiftest price. Coaches in Toronto, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix and even Cleveland could face the ax in a hurry, our bet is that 2 coaches don't see Christmas.

4.Durant Will Re-Sign With The Thunder, But Not For Long

He does still have a good thing going there, and Russell Westbrook is a superstar by himself. But let's not kid ourselves, it all comes down to money, and if that's the case Durant would be stupid not to take a 1 year deal and re-enter free agency in the summer of 2017, when the salary cap is expected to jump a whopping $18 million per team.

5.The Pacers Come Back Strong

Paul George will be back in a big way, and if he can stay healthy he will lead a squad that is well coached, tenacious and determined to succeed. If they can score a big man for the playoff push, don't count them out easily. Our bet - a 5th seed and 1st round win.

6.The Warriors Will Not Repeat!

We're not even sure they make the finals. The West remains a far more loaded conference, and any Warrior repeat will have to go through at least one or two of the following: Spurs, Thunder, Rockets or Clippers - any of which can easily oust the champs.

7.The Cavs Will Make The Finals - Again

As unsure as we are of Golden State's fate, we are doubly sure of the fact that the cavs will be back, and possibly win it all this year. There are simply no real contenders to stop them, assuming they stay healthy. they made the finals without Kevin Love and with Irving missing multiple games in the playoffs, imagine what they can do intact!

8.Lob City Will Be Toned Down This Year

Sure, Blake Griffin And Deandre Jordan will still get their fair share of ally-oops from Chris Paul, and will shatter many opponent's will to live in the process, but in an effort to become a more serious contender and test their fundamentals the clippers will tone down the show. Our over/under is at 3.5 posterizations per game.

9.The Sixers Stink - Again

Hardly a shock, is it? We don't think they'll be as godawful as they were last year, but they will still come in dead last in the league at pretty much everything, especially wins.

10.Anthony Davis Wins MVP

Yes, we're on the uni-brow wagon, sue us. He's too fast for big-men to guard him and too big for small men to even try. He's worked hard at his outside shooting and he's already a top 5 defender, if he stays healthy he will be lifting some hardware next June.
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