10 People With Unlucky Photo Backgrounds

The Rise of social networks and camera phones has given way to “the selfie culture”.

People take photos of themselvesĀ  with greater frequency and upload them to social networks for the whole world to see.

But some of these people should really take another glance at their photos before uploading them.

(some of these are NSFW – be warned)

1.Cleavage vs. Cleavage

2.Street Loving!

3.Brain Trauma In 3,2,1

4.Even Saints Have Urges

5.I Met Robin Thicke And We Got To 2nd Base!

6.OMG! They Found Waldo!

7.Maybe Paris Interrupted Their Sex Tape?

8.Oh Really? Because The Evidence Says Otherwise!

9.What? It's A Popsicle! Really!

10.I Guess It's Time To Start Sex Ed , Because She's Bound To Have Questions.

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