10 Over 40 Celebrities Proving age Is Just A Number

Call them milfs, cougars, mature – call them what you will, as long as you also call them drop dead gorgeous.

These lovely ladies prove that being over 40 does not mean you stop being comfortable in your own skin…your beautiful beautiful skin.

Hollywood may skew towards younger ladies, but some of these women prove that they can hold their own in the looks department.

1.Demi Moore, 52

2.Fergie, 40

3.Robin Wright, 49

4.Jada Pinkett Smith, 43

5.Jennifer Aniston, 46

6.Christie Brinkley, 61

7.Carmen Electra, 43

8.Elle Macpherson, 51

9.Elizabeth Hurley, 50

10.Heidi Klum, 42

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