10 Of The Sexiest Women Politicians Around The World

If we asked you to conjure an image in your mind to go along with the word “politics”, the last thing you’d expect to have pop in there are some great looking women.

But across the globe, more women are becoming involved in politics and an astonishing majority of them looks like part time models, here are a few of those stunning women that help decide the fate of countries.

1.Orly Levy

Hails From: Israel. This former model and TV host has been in politics for over a decade now in her native land, and has helped lead the cause of female equality in Israel.

2.Alina Kabaeva

Hails From: Russia. A member of the state duma since 2007 this Russian beauty was prepared for the life as a politician by her former career as a gymnast - another profession in which you have to be flexible and always on the move.

3.Julia Bonk

Hails From: Germany. This left wing politician from the province of Saxony was elected while she was just 18, proving that beauty and politics both know no age.

4.Angela Gerekou

Hails From: Greece. A former tourism minister and parliament member from the island of Corfu, the lovely Ms. Gerekou certainly looks like the hottest politician/mom on our list.  

5.Maria Carfagna

Hails From: Italy. This former actress and TV host has been in politics since 2004 when she joined the Forzaz Italia party, she was made the minister of equal opportunity in 2008 by Silvio Berlusconi, but knowing his reputation, he may have done that just so that he could have something nice to look at during those long cabinet meetings.

6.Belinda Stronach

Hails From: Canada. As it turns out, Canada has more to offer than Hockey, Bryan Adams and maple syrup - they've also got stunning politicians with legs to die for.

7.Elizabeth Halseth

Hails From: USA. At just 32 years of age, this Nevada republican is the youngest ever to gain a seat in the state legislature, and if she continues to show voters bikini shots like this one - she'll hold her seat for many years to come.

8.Vera Lischka

Hails From: Austria. We're not sure why the former swimming champion felt the need to enter politics, but we're quite sure that the overall looks of the upper Austrian parliament was vastly improved by her appearance.

9.Yuri Fujikawa

Hails From: Japan If there's such a thing as being too beautiful to be in politics the lovely Ms. Yuri must qualify for that list, a former nurse, she's been following in the footsteps of her father since 2007 and has blazed a trail for all Japanese female politicians with both attitude and beauty.

10.Luciana Leon

Hails From: Peru. We're not quite sure what is more stunning - Ms. Leon's beauty and barbie like looks, or the fact that she's been in politics since the age of 14! Say what you will about her looks, with nearly 20 years of experience at the tender age of 40, she's got many more years of beauty and politics ahead of her.

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