10 Of The Hottest Wrestling Divas Of All Time

You may be a wrestling fanatic, or you may not have watched a single body-slam in your life, but there are some aspects of wrestling every male should know about – Divas, Valets or even part time wrestlers help make your screen sizzle between hard fought matches.

Here are just a few of the lovely ladies that have graced your screens over the years.

1.Summer Rae

If there was ever a woman to replace Stacy Kiebler as the resident long legged blonde, Summer is her. Her Wrestling skills could use some work, but we're OK with watching her strut down the isle for no reason at all.

2.Candice Michelle

Say what you will about her in-ring ability, this former diva managed to make herself famous through a series of godaddy.com commercials and a memorable playboy spread.

3.Kelly Kelly

Kelly may not have left her mark in the ring, but we seriously doubt that anyone that watched her in a Bikini will be able to forget the experience any time soon.


Another WWE diva to make mainstream news with her Playboy shoot, Maria may have left, but memories of her photos and matches are near (and dear) to our hearts.


Definitely not a part of the cookie-cutter Bikini model type that WWE seemed to go after, this Brit is actually quite a good in-ring performer when she's not busy being drop dead gorgeous.


The original Attitude Era diva and sex symbol, this playboy model made the most of a few short WWE stints over the years, eventually settling down with her beast of a husband - Brock Lesnar.

7.Miss Elizabeth

Back in the 80's and early 90's Miss Elizabeth was probably the very first female valet to have any sort of success in what was previously a sport completely dominated by males. She may not have been an in ring performer, but she most certainly made her mark and blazed a trail for all future Divas.


In the mid-90's Sunny was the WWE Diva. she graced screens with her beauty and magazine covers with sheer sexiness, and while her recent years have somewhat soiled her reputation, we still have fond memories of her weekly performances on our TV.

9.Trish Stratus

A former fitness instructor/model, the lovely miss stratus started in the WWE as mere eye candy but worked incredibly hard on her in ring abilities and has managed to make her name synonymous with great matches and incredibly beauty, she may have been the most complete package diva ever.

10.Stacy Keibler

She's still got legs, and she can still use them. Mention Stacy's name to any WWE fan from 2001 to 2008 or so and you'll see a suspicious smile cross their face. She may not have bared all like some other divas, but even her famous modeling shoots were enough to make mouths water and imaginations run wild.
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