10 Of The Hottest Celebrity Sports Fans You Can Find Court Side

Everybody likes a winner, and celebrities are no exception to that rule.

Regardless of their level of fame or the place they’re living, you can always find a famous person or two sitting court side cheering their team to victory.

Here are just a few of them that look great while doing so!

1.Jennifer Garner

Teams She Likes: San Francisco 49ers, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics Dated An Athlete?: No.

2.Elizabeth Banks

Teams She Likes: New England Patriots, Portland Trailblazers, Boston Red Sox Dated An Athlete?: No

3.Katy Perry

Teams She Likes: New York Giants Dated An Athlete?: No


Teams She Likes: Real Madrid / Barcelona Dated An Athlete?: Yes (Gerard Pique)

5.Anna Kournikova

Teams She Likes: Miami Heat Dated An Athlete?: Yes (Multiple Athletes - mostly hockey players)

6.Mila Kunis

Teams She Likes: Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Dodgers Dated An Athlete?: No

7.Olivia Wilde

Teams She Likes: University Of Kansas Jayhawks Dated An Athlete?: No

8.Keira Knightley

Teams She Likes: West Ham United Dated An Athlete?: No

9.Olivia Munn

Teams She Likes: Oklahoma Thunder, Green Bay Packers Dated An Athlete?: Yes (Brad Richards, Aaron Rodgers)

10.Gisele Bundchen

Teams She Likes: New England Patriots Dated An Athlete?: Yes (Kelly Slater, Tom Brady)

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