10 Movie/TV Posters That Were Censored – The Reasons Will Shock You!

Movie and TV posters are an important part of promotion, be it on city streets or across computer screens – when users associate an image with a movie they are far more likely to watch it at some point.

But what happens when a movie poster never makes it to the public eye?

Here are a few posters that have been banned across various countries, some of the reasons may shock you more than the actual poster!


1.True Blood - Season 3 (U.S)

Kicking off our list is this relatively humble poster for the vampire/fairy/werewolf HBO saga, this one was banned because it caused the "innocent" viewers to associate it with the far better known - MILF. Nothing was actually being said or shown, but censors thought this was too much, was it?

2.6 Feet Under (U.K)

Apparently, the gentle British  consumers can not stand the sight of pre-burial corpses, even if they are completely intact, and this campaign was scratched when it was imported to the U.K.

3.Family Guy (U.S)

Never one to shy away from controversy, the Seth MacFarlane animated series took it one step too far according to censors while promoting its own Emmy campaign. Personally, we think the people that banned the campaign have never watched the actual show - some of the stuff on it is far more objectionable than some mild racism.

4.Saw 2 (U.S)

Oh The Horror! The Horror! 2 fingers have been cut off a horror film victim! whatever will those gentle souls do? This poster is actually quite brilliant, or so we think, but it was still banned due to being overly graphic, which begs the question - did they even see the movie when they banned its poster?

5.The Strain (U.S Street Campaign)

Ok, we get it, having some sort of tape worm crawling through an eyeball is creepy and disgusting, and some people may have found it disturbing if they saw it on U.S streets, but seriously - if they took a look at the actual streets they'd probably find 10 things that are far more disturbing in a heartbeat.

6.Rules Of attracttion (U.S)

The 2002 movie was banned, and we think that ban might have come from parents instead of a government body. Because what parent wants to deal with questions like "what's that rabbit doing to its friend?" first thing in the morning, right?

7.Spartacus - Blood And Sand (U.K)

Oh, those poor British Damsels in distress, they may stop functioning at the mere sight of a real man's figure. Because it's not like male figures in various states of undress are advertised elsewhere (we're looking at your well sculpted figure David Beckham)

8.Skins Season 2 (U.K)

This U.K poster was banned, well, that's quite obvious - people are/were having some sex on it...some of those people are even of the same gender! god forbid!

9.Sin City - A Dame To Kill For (U.S)

Why ban Eva Green's beautiful form from city streets? well, because under certain lighting conditions, at certain angles, one can almost make out a partial nipple!!! Call the police, we saw a nipple!!! and it was on a woman!!!

10.Shame (U.S, U.K, Germany And Multiple Other Counries)

OK, for a change, we kind'a get it. At first sight, this may look relatively innocent, but once you're told that the movie title is written with certain bodily fluids, that sight can not be unseen. We're not one for censorship, but really guys, could you at least improve the font?
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